Videos From The White Ring / King Dude Tour.... 11/09/10


Love to the DISARO family... Thanks to Dylan, Robert, Bryan + Kendra, Raw Moans, Water Borders, and everyone else we met and saw on this trip. Epic hang.


Psychiatry: An Industry Of Death Museum 11/08/10

I was in LA on Halloween this year and there were plenty of creepy things to do. There was a party at the Hollywood Cemetery, a haunted house in the basement of an old victorian in a historic neighborhood, even the Museum of Death's doors were open but the most horrifying thing I could think of that LA has to offer is... SCIENTOLOGY.  And what better way to experience the horrific teachings of LRH then by attending the Psychiatry: an Industry of Death Museum.  Even though the CCHR doesn't wear the fact that it's a front for Scientology on it's sleeve, it's painfully obvious that the "museum's" agenda is to remove the use of pharmaceutical drugs from the lives of people who battle mental illness by sighting the holocaust, Columbine, and September 11th as examples of it's monstrosity.  That doesn't offend anyone, right?

We were told no photos but we decided to take a bunch anyways. If your ever in LA I highly recommend Psychiatry: An Industry Of Death Museum. But take a Xanax first it's way more fun that way.











Front Mag // Actual Pain feature 11/04/10

 If you live in the UK pick up this issue of Front!


Troy Ayala // Tiny Vipers 11/02/10


Come by and check out the artwork of Troy Ayala and the music of Tiny Vipers Thursday November 11th. A limited amount of libations will be provided so come early! This is a totally free show so don't miss out!



Séance: Albert von Keller and the Occult 10/22/10

New to the Frye Museum is the Swiss painter Albert von Keller's exhibit on the occult. Keller shows us the hidden face of archetypal Christianity through rather ambiguous (and scholastically not very good) paintings which I find beyond fascinating. Most importantly to us, he posthumously shows us the cyclical nature of popular culture's interest in the occult and esoteric roots of religion, and the role Actual Pain plays in reintroducing rather simple images of our human past to you, the viewer, which is intended to be affective on a subconscious level.

The 1970's and 1980's showed a peaked interest (and detestation) of the darker side of occultism, culminating the congealment of the religious right here in the United States, which in my humble opinion has hindered the development of the entire human race. We simply attempt to do what Keller did, remind you that there is more than what lies on the surface... But you already know that.

If you live in Seattle, check out this turn of the century painter's work and, as always, attempt to look beyond the veil.

The Frye


Rockers NYC presents: WHY? Vol1 10/22/10


 Download it here. Trip out on the oldschool hip hop vibe Rockers is bringing on this tape. True visionaries...



Tonight! 10/14/10



Actual Pain Presents: A Mixtape by Party Trash 10/11/10

It's Monday, let's dance to Party Trash... Click the cover to download!


Track list... 

Angelic Process - Million Year Summer

Gucci Mane - Pills (Party Trash Remix)

Raw Moans - Fuck That Day

8:*) - Doom

Aids 3d - Because Of U

Earth Science - Devil's Tower

The Mad Lads - You Blew It

Dem Hunger - A Brain Inna River (Excerpt)

Party Trash - юнак

The Crystals - He Hit Me

The Buttons - Birds In My Tree

Clearing - June 30th

Nate Dogg - These Days (DJ Screw mix)

Justin Bieber - One Time (NiKE7UP iMøv¡ec3||ph0n3ÅpøçaL¥p$e¡nƒ¡N¡†y420Mix)

Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights (Clearing Mix)


Acid Wolf // Champion Pullover Hooded Sweater 10/06/10


These just came in and look SICK! Limited to a few dozen, get em quick before there gone for good!



Rockers NYC X Actual Pain // Mixtapes // Interviews 09/29/10

Yes! Out now! Our collab with Rockers NYC "Total Mayhem"... Funny how we've never done a shirt with em' till now, Rockers got us started designing tees way back with Politricks and Animosity (Fuck I even drew some of those Knights of the Vampire Killers tees) and have been ultimately super supportive of our brand along the way.



We got a chance to sit down and interview Sean Reveron and he in turn interviewed me check it out my interview here and the interview I gave Sean here.

We also made a mixtape for the brand's website which you can download here and Sean made one too which you can get right next to mine.

Bang your heads for the Devil!





Actual Pain Presents: White Ring // Minus Something // A Two Part Mixtape 09/03/10

I am super excited to release this hefty, mind-bending, two headed, mega-mix by one of my favorite bands White Ring. If I ran a record label I would sign them to a 40 record contract. 

Anyways, this is a two part mixtape, one part by Bryan and part by Kendra. Bryan's side features an exclusive NIN remix by White Ring which is fucking awesome beyond words. Enjoy! 



King Dude // Vice Magazine Interview 09/02/10

A nice fella named Nick Gazin did a really candid interview with me for Vice Magazine after the Mishka 350 Broadway store instore. The show was super fun and so was hanging out with all my NY friends. Two days just isn't long enough!

Read the full article here.

Oh and me playing there caused one of the interns to quit because of Mishka's "occult" connections, and a King Dude instore was the final straw. Good for you kid, you probably really should've quit because you were working at a place without getting money in exchange for long hours of remedial tasks, but hey, who am I to judge? If you gotta not make money, you gotta do whatever you gotta do to not make money. Kudos!

King Dude Gets Interviewed and Performs "No One Is Here" from Nick Gazin on Vimeo.


And the show the next night at Glasslands was so much fun. I got to meet Todd Pendu who put the show together and Sean from Cult of Youth played a killer solo set. Not to mention Kendra and Bryan from White Ring DJ'd and Kendra sang "Slaves" with me live! And Cosmetics finishing off the evening was the perfect finish to a perfect night. 

Click here for pics from Glasslands.



King Dude's first ever NY shows start Monday 08/30/10

I am truly blessed to be able to have the two first ever New York shows be so amazing. First off I am playing a free, private show at Mishka's 350 Broadway store Monday August 30th at 7pm. RSVP to rsvp@mishkanyc.com for the guestlist.

Then Tuesday night I am playing alongside one of the best neofolk bands in the USA, Cult of Youth (DAIS, AVANT! Records, Sacred Bones Records). And to top it off Cosmetics (Captured Tracks) is also on the bill. That show is at Glasslands and is brought to you by Pendu a great non-profit website, magazine, art gallery, and promoter. I wish Seattle had it's own Pendu to organize great events like this...


King Dude on Myspace

King Dude on iTunes


New Jewelry in the Shop 08/28/10

You may remember us delving into the world of Jewelry when we introduced the Shadow Cross at the beginning of our Spring//Summer collection OLD GOD. Well we're back at it. 

This time we bring you two exquisitely hand crafted silver rings inspired by the blood drinking days of old... Can you guess what movie inspired them? The Dracul and Crowley showcase my own carving skills and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. They are sizable and unisex and totally awesome. 

We also have The Devil's Hand bracelet, which is sure to become the object of much adoration and lust to the hearts of those brave young women who dare to wear it. Although it is a cursed item, it does give you +4 to charisma.

Lastly due to popular demand, we re-upped the silver Shadow Cross necklace. This elegant silver necklace is now available with a matching silver chain and somehow we managed to make it more affordable then before! And as always all of our jewelry is made here in Seattle (hows that for supporting our local economy?). 

So with the winter solstice right around the corner, it's time to start saving some of your drug money for some shit that is sure to warm the black hearts of you or a loved one. 



We Have Mystery Faith Hats In Stock! 08/27/10

 And they are radical. 

Pyramid Logo in cream on brushed black twill.

Sixth Seal in wine red on brushed black twill.


Mystery Faith is here... 08/20/10


After countless hours of hard work, we are proud to present to you our FW10 collection, "Mystery Faith".

You will see a lot of new designs as well as newly added cream colored tees, crew neck sweatshirts, hats and more coming in the next few weeks. 

Click the photo or here to see the entire lookbook and freak out for the Devil! 



Getting ready for the Mystery Faith. 08/06/10

After three long days of packing orders to all the best stores on earth, we at Actual Pain decided to unwind and cover an entire wall with these posters. Thanks to Marielle for the help, it was a lot of fun!




King Dude // Slaves ft Kendra of White Ring // Free Download 07/29/10

Click the image above to go to IMPOSE magazine and check out the a free download of a new King Dude song.


Mystery Faith Preview #1 07/27/10


Coming soon first week of August. All our tees are now 100% organic cotton and feel great! This is our biggest and best collection so far, I am so excited to get these out to you all! All hail the Mystery Faith!


Beasts... 07/26/10



FW 10 Preview // Mystery Faith 07/15/10




Shipping the first week of August to finer stores worldwide.


Hexes Vol. 2 07/14/10

The 2nd installment of the Pink Priest remix series, Hexes, is now out! This time around shit gets mutilated, manipulated, and disintegrated by the likes of Fostercare, Party Trash, Cough Cool, PWIN ▲▲ TEAKS, Orphan, Nipslip, †‡†, and D/R/U/G/S

Download here.


White Ring // Suffocation Remix // (Los Campesinos! Remix) 07/09/10


Kendra said this song is about her Siamese Cat she killed on accident when she was four years old.


Actual Pain presents: Tomorrowland a new mixtape by Coliseum 07/08/10

Coliseum should need no introduction, they've put in the hours of hard, heavy work and still trudge along in the shadows of the major heavy metal bands of our day. Take a minute and get to know what makes Ryan Patterson tick and what inspires such a damaged, party metal monstrosity. Click the cover to download...

Track listing:
Alejandro Jodorowsky - The First Flower After Flood
The Angels Of Light - Black River Song
Order - Space Junk
Testors - Time Is Mine
Bobby Beausoleil - Punjab's Barber
The Gun Club - Bill Bailey
Laughing Hyenas - Hitman
Sicbay - Suspicious Icons
David Axelrod - The Mental Traveller
Robert Rental - Double Heart
Ofo The Black Company - Allah Wakbarr
Robert Mitchum - Ballad Of Thunder Road
Anton Szandor LeVay - Gloomy Sunday
Crime & the City Solution - Fray So Slow
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - Martha's Dream
The Sound - I Can't Escape Myself

COLISEUM Blind In One Eye - Music Video from Coliseum on Vimeo.

Make sure you catch them on their east coast and Canadian dates, they hit the road today starting with Brooklyn tonight!

Coliseum on Myspace


Golden Triangle // Neon Noose 07/06/10

Tonight at the Crocodile! Good times!


Happy 4th to some, the unhappiest day of some others lives. 07/04/10

I love a good explosion like every other red-blooded American, but what I really can't turn my eyes away from is when some dude accidentally severs his arm trying to light off a firework in Long Island.

Hopefully there will be video of that soon.



WTF 07/01/10

And we extended our sale till the end of today July 2nd, because our stupid website went down yesterday. Use the discount code SUMMER35 at checkout for 35% off.



King Dude // Black Triangle 7" // Clan Destine Records // OUT NOW 06/21/10

"THE BLACK TRIANGLE" 7" OUT NOW on Clan Destine Records


Grave Babies // Gouge Your Eyes Out 06/18/10


I love Grave Babies, my band King Dude played a show at their house last week man it was killer, the first really nice day of the summer here. We drank beers, hung out and I got to see them play in the basement and was completely blown away. Check out the video they made for Gouge Your Eyes Out, it's definitely one of my favorite summer jams.


King Dude // Black Triangle 7" // Clan Destine Records 06/18/10


I am so excited! Clan Destine just got the the new King Dude 7" back from the pressing plant and is picking up the artwork next week!

Stay tuned for more rad King Dude news soon!


Jay Clark ist Fankult 06/17/10


Jay Clark lives here in Seattle and likes to cut pictures up and make Degenerate Art. If he lived in Germany during WWII he would definitely ended up in the gas chamber twice, once for making perverse art and twice for being a Jew. 

Go to his artshow tomorrow at Pun(c)tuation and buy all his shit, it's literally that good.


Drunks N Punks: A photo collection by Kelly O 06/17/10

Kelly O is one of the many immensely talented people here in Seattle and we are lucky enough to see her work every week in the local rag the Stranger. She has compiled a new photo show that opens tonight in West Seattle at Easy Street Records (one of my first places of employment) and it sounds like it's gonna be a great time.

Reception starts at 7PM and Absolute Monarchs play at 9PM you'd be dumb to miss the party!




KING DUDE show on Saturday... 06/10/10

With GRAVE BABIES, GAPE ATTACK and CHAMPIONSHIP BELT. It's a free show with a BBQ and beer hope to see you all there!


Actual Pain presents: Lesbian Music a new mixtape by FLIGHT 06/08/10

Maybe you're totally cool and you already knew how radical FLIGHT was. Or maybe you're like me and you had no idea they (he) existed until they emailed you a fucking stellar mixtape for your clothing brand. Click the pic to download…

Check out what our mutant bros over at Mishka wrote about FLIGHT on their blog

Longmont Potion Castle - Lesbian Music {excerpt} 

Sexual Harassment - I Need a Freak 

Roni Griffith - Mondo Man 

Acid Mother's Temple - Reverse of Universe {excerpt}

Peter Godwin - Torch Songs 

Jonathan Halper - Leaving My Old Life Behind 

Giorgio Moroder - Son Of My Father

George Phillips - Early Moog #3 

A Raincoat - It Came in the Night

OMD - Genetic Engineering

Darktown Strutters - (Grab A) Silver Bullet

Prince - If I Was Your Girlfriend Absolute Body Control - Figures

The Rockets - On The Road Again

Gary War - Eye In The Sky

FLIGHT - Johnny's Chopped and Screwed

Vernon Wray - Only Son

This Living Hand - Marshmallow Girl



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