Psychiatry: An Industry Of Death Museum 11/08/10

I was in LA on Halloween this year and there were plenty of creepy things to do. There was a party at the Hollywood Cemetery, a haunted house in the basement of an old victorian in a historic neighborhood, even the Museum of Death's doors were open but the most horrifying thing I could think of that LA has to offer is... SCIENTOLOGY.  And what better way to experience the horrific teachings of LRH then by attending the Psychiatry: an Industry of Death Museum.  Even though the CCHR doesn't wear the fact that it's a front for Scientology on it's sleeve, it's painfully obvious that the "museum's" agenda is to remove the use of pharmaceutical drugs from the lives of people who battle mental illness by sighting the holocaust, Columbine, and September 11th as examples of it's monstrosity.  That doesn't offend anyone, right?

We were told no photos but we decided to take a bunch anyways. If your ever in LA I highly recommend Psychiatry: An Industry Of Death Museum. But take a Xanax first it's way more fun that way.










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