New Jewelry in the Shop 08/28/10

You may remember us delving into the world of Jewelry when we introduced the Shadow Cross at the beginning of our Spring//Summer collection OLD GOD. Well we're back at it. 

This time we bring you two exquisitely hand crafted silver rings inspired by the blood drinking days of old... Can you guess what movie inspired them? The Dracul and Crowley showcase my own carving skills and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. They are sizable and unisex and totally awesome. 

We also have The Devil's Hand bracelet, which is sure to become the object of much adoration and lust to the hearts of those brave young women who dare to wear it. Although it is a cursed item, it does give you +4 to charisma.

Lastly due to popular demand, we re-upped the silver Shadow Cross necklace. This elegant silver necklace is now available with a matching silver chain and somehow we managed to make it more affordable then before! And as always all of our jewelry is made here in Seattle (hows that for supporting our local economy?). 

So with the winter solstice right around the corner, it's time to start saving some of your drug money for some shit that is sure to warm the black hearts of you or a loved one. 


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