FEAR - New artwork from us at Actual Pain 01/02/13


The opening of FEAR is tomorrow, my first art show that I've done in a LONG time! Please come by The Belfry Oddities tomorrow and check it out, I'll be there from 6pm - 9pm!

The Belfry Oddities - 309 3rd Ave S. (near the Union St train station)


Chelsea Wolfe and King Dude tour 2013 12/26/12


Going on tour with my sister's band, Chelsea Wolfe. We will also have these posters for sale in limited quantities at the shows, hope to see you all there! 


Psychic TV // NYC // Friday Dec 7th 12/06/12


Stoked to be playing with Psychic TV tomorrow in NYC! If your in NYC come say hello - Get your tickets here!



This Saturday we are taking part in Luxe Riot's annual holiday sale! Come check out their printshop and studio on December 8th from 10am to 6pm there's gonna be lots of stuff from a lot of great brands, should be a good time... We ourselves have tons of samples from various seasons, some never seen before, all discounted and limited of course!


We will also be selling a brand new design which you can have printed before your very eyes! Do not miss out on this!


MTNS // Shrill Eyes - New Video 11/29/12

In addition to being the best looking person here at Actual Pain, Emily Denton tends to make awesome videos for awesome bands. Check out the new one she directed (along with help from none other than Pony Time's Stacy Peck) for Seattle band MTNS. It involves eggs, a crazy lady, and crazy egg ladies... Good work gals!


Black Friday Sale 11/19/12





SO STOKED!!! Get your tickets here before they sell out! 


Academy of Holy Light - Fall 12 - Available Now. 11/01/12


Here's the latest collection from us - ACADEMY OF HOLY LIGHT. Our shop is stocked to the teeth with a ton of new teestanks, and crews that we feel are some of our best yet. We've also made new leather hats which we are very excited about. And did you see we finally made denim jeans? They're perfect and all made here in the good ol' US of A. Available in our shop now while supplies last, our seasons are limited as usual. 

That's all for now folks, expect some new legging designs on the way soon and remember - "We don't die... We stay high!" 


King Dude - Burning Daylight Album stream available now via Stereogum 10/16/12


My new record Burning Daylight is available for streaming over at Stereogum today, check it out! The vinyl and CDs are available from Dais in the USA and Ván Records in Europe and I'll be putting it up on my Bandcamp page later on today.

Also check out this video Emily shot for Holy Land at our friend Amber's church in the middle of nowhere. It was pretty rad of her and Brendan to let us use their baby Amelia in the video - I am sure they regret it now. 


Second Sight This Friday - Black Ceiling 10/10/12


We're stoked! Local (Spokane) buds Black Ceiling and (seemingly local) buddy Mascara will be performing at Second Sight this Friday! It's gonna be heavy and dark. Just like a black ceiling... See you all there!


Black Marble Made A Mixtape For You 10/03/12

Click the cover to download the tape...


Black Marble - Pretender (The Kolour Kult Beach at Dusk Remix)

Total Control - The Hammer

Thomas Leer and Robert Rental - Day Breaks/Night Heals

Prefects - Faults

Chris & Cosey - October Love Song

Solid Space - Contemplation

Rosenkopf - Burning Spirit

Los Microwaves - Radio Heart

Flux of Pink Indians - Tube Disasters

Thurston Moore - Psychic Hearts

We like Black Marble. Not just floors and countertops made of black marble, we also like the cold wave duo known as Black Marble. So it makes sense that we had them make us a mix tape. Check out their excellent video for the song Backwards and get their new record A Different Arrangement over at Hardly Art on October 9th.


All Over Printed Tights and Leggings - From Both Coasts 10/01/12

It's rad when your friends make rad shit. And it's inspiring to us when we see the (very) creative people around us decide to start companies and completely crush it. It's especially inspiring for me because it serves as a reminder that it wasn't that long ago that we released our very first range to a very small audience. 

Well let me tell you, it just warms my cold dead heart.

Check out our friends (from NYC and radical band K-Holes) Vashti and Cameron's new line of tights for a company they started called Windish Michael. Cameron has been making these incredible large scale collages for years that always remind me of Gee Vaucher's work on about 10 hits of acid.

    Image from windishmichael.com

Meanwhile another good friend of ours on the other coast has started his own company that makes leggings (among other rad things) with his collage art on them as well. The collective unconscious truly runs deep in our ilk!

Meet Astral Eyes / Owleyes co-owner of Goldnbones. With his partner Shelly Erion, they've created a company that offers a range of women's clothing for the tripped out masses. You might remember a few seasons back when we asked Owl Eyes to design a couple shirts for us and I know first hand how encouraging it can be to see your work come to life. Back in 2005, the folks at Rockers NYC hired me to design some fonts for them. I can honestly say that it remains as one of the most truly inspiring experiences in my life. 

    Images from goldnbones.com


King Dude - Jesus In The Courtyard - Video Premiere 09/12/12

The new video for my band King Dude just went up on Stereogum today. Check it out. It was directed by our immensely talented friend Angel Ceballos, who has worked with a slew of other great bands in the past. We we're totally honored to have her on board!

My new record "Burning Daylight" will be released on October 16th on Dais Records in the USA and Ván Records for the EU. Pre-orders are up now on Dais Records.

Also if you live in Victoria Canada we are playing Rifflandia tomorrow. Should be a good time. We are also performing at the Esoteric Book Conference this Saturday in Seattle. If you haven't been to the EBC before, do yourself a favor and check it out. There's tons of great speakers, books, art, and music all with a focus on the occult. 


Upcoming Actual Pain Shows 08/14/12

We are super excited about some shows we have coming up, check it out...

First off we have Chelsea Wolfe, Crypts, and Stickers on Sunday September 9th at Barboza. I'll be DJing this one so I be prepared for things to get weird!

Then on Friday September 14th we have Veronica Vasicka, founder of the label Minimal Wave Records in town to DJ our monthly party Second Sight at Electric Tea Garden! If you aren't familiar with Minimal Wave Records  yet, do yourself a favor and get into it. This one is surely not to be missed!

And come November 9th... PSYCHIC TV! YES. Tickets are available here but don't wait - they're selling really fast!


Actual Pain - Limited Edition Posters 08/07/12

As you all may or may not know, we love posters. Real posters that are hand screened, really big, and awesome. So when our pals at Broken Press asked us if we would ever make posters for Actual Pain with our designs we couldn't believe we hadn't thought of it sooner. Here we have four of our designs, each hand screened on matte black paper and limited to 50 prints each. Each poster measures in at 18" X 24", is hand numbered in the bottom left hand corner and embossed with the Pyramid Logo on the bottom right hand corner - For authenticity of course! They're already selling really fast so don't wait, these will not be reprinted!

Buddy Unholy // 18" X 24" Poster

America // 18" X 24" Poster

Marilyn // 18" X 24" Poster


Acid Wolf // 18" X 24" Poster


Actual Pain X Radd Lounge 08/06/12

We are stoked to finally have our Radd Lounge collaboration in stock! If you didn't know already, Radd Lounge is our favorite store in Tokyo, and have stocked Actual Pain for years now. They style almost everything they get in some of the most original and interesting ways and we love them for it! Available online from us, but hurry, it already sold out in Tokyo!

AP X Radd Lounge // Black Tee

AP X Radd Lounge // Black Tank


AP X Radd Lounge // Black Nylon Snap Up


Sympathy For The Gods - Summer 2012 07/17/12


Hey all, here's the new collection from us - SYMPATHY FOR THE GODS. We have some new tees, tanks, and crews to get you through those crazy summer days and wild nights to come. Available in our shop now while supplies last, our seasons are limited as usual.

Thanks to Zumi of the wonderful band K-Holes for modeling for us! Check out the lookbook video we made with her, K-Holes did the song and it rules. If you get a chance to see them live do it, honestly it was one of the best shows we've seen this year!


King Dude "Long Live The King" European Tour! 06/28/12


I'm pretty stoked about this. My band King Dude is headed to Europe again to spread some more Haunted American Gospel to all the strange folks out there. Should be a great time.

But before we hop the pond, we are going to play a show on July 5th at Glasslands with Røsenkøpf and Italian Horn! That's gonna rule. There are DJ sets from Ryan Martin of DAIS records and Pieter Wierd of Wierd records. Should be a grand time!



King Dude - Choas in Tejas and LA 05/30/12

I'm coming out to Austin and LA play a couple of King Dude shows this weekend. Hopefully I'll see you all there!





Hey guys, we are having a MASSIVE sale this weekend! It's our first sale since Black Friday and most likely our last sale until next Black Friday. Holy shit. I love a good sale. Use the code: MEMORIAL at check out and don't forget to "God Bless America"!



In the dim hours of Monday morning our first annual Psychic Circle drew itself to a close, leaving behind the echoes of saw waves and creaky dance floors rattling around our weary yet ecstatic minds. The fest, born from our own wave night Second Sight, held the same modest credos as before - to bring the culture of dark music together that is spread too thin across our wonderful city. I can now say with confidence that Psychic Circle would've been entirely impossible without the support of the "Children of the Night" who filled up all four venues. You guys make this all worth doing and more importantly, it is YOU that makes Seattle a better place to live. Thank you!




And don't miss our next Second Sight party Friday June 8th at Electric Tea Garden with Wierd Records band Røsenkøpf (NYC) and a darkwave DJ set by none other than David J of Bauhaus / Love and Rockets. See you all there!



Demdike Stare x Actual Pain // Limited Edition West Coast Tour Shirt

Psychic Circle // Limited Edition Silk Screened Poster

Expect a festival recap with photos later on this week. Thanks to all who came out to all four shows and helped us make it a huge success for the venues and the bands! We love you Seattle!



Psychic Circle rages on! Demdike Stare has crossed an ocean to haunt us with their unique form of macabre minimalism and we couldn't be more excited! If you're a fan of Giallo films and specifically their eerie, disheartening scores of terror, you won't want to miss this. All the way from Manchester Demdike Stare have been cutting a swath out of a death shroud all up the west coast on this their very first tour in the states. From what we've heard the rest of the west coast dates have been legendary. Do not sleep on this one.

Also performing two of our favorite bands at the moment - A Story of Rats and Tropic of Cancer (LA). See you all there!



Last night was the first night of our four day mini-fest known as Psychic Circle and it was such a radical show! Thanks to Bruno from Light Asylum for coming out to DJ last minute and Braxton & Palmer absolutely shone. It was incredible, and if you didn't get a chance to get our new magazine DETHBOOK you can get one over at the shop now or you can pick one up in Seattle over at our favorite store Alive & Well. Thanks to all of you who came out and danced the night away with us! 

Day two starts tonight at 10pm at Electric Tea Garden with Litanic Mask and Light Asylum along with our resident Second Sight DJs. After seeing Light Asylum's amazing set last year at Neumos I am definitely psyched to see them at our small, loud-as-fuck, DIY club. It's going to be fucking great.

We will also have these beautiful silk screened festival posters available for sale tonight and at the next two shows - if they don't all get snatched up first - so if your interested pick one up before they vanish. Limited to 150 prints and measuring 18"x 28" these amazing CMYK prints we're hand screened by our friends over at Broken Press and we couldn't be more happy with the way they turned out. Absolutely stunning work guys.

That's all for now, we'll have an update for you all tomorrow about day 3 of our fest and specifically the insanely good band known as Demdike Stare.


Actual Pain & Second Sight Present: Psychic Circle 05/02/12

Click on the flyers below to go to the FB page, I'll be posting more info in the next couple days! Hope to see you all at the shows!


Download the N|GHTCH|LDE Remix of "Happiness" by Greenhorse 04/23/12

Our good friend N|GHTCH|LDE just did a very futuristic and heavy remix of the song "Happiness" by the band Greenhorse. You can download it below from Soundcloud. They also sent me a picture of them hanging out on the beach that's really cool too. 


Here's the original (and hilarious) video for the Greenhorse song that they filmed at Burning Man. I heard they're not allowed to burn the man down there anymore, is that true? Oh, I forgot - I don't care.



Some of our favorite folks are getting together for an evening of rad times in New York City, and you are invited. You must RSVP with Salvor Projects to attend. rsvp@salvorprojects.com. Click the flyer below to go to the FB page. 

I Dont Like Mondays, Salvor Projects and Invisible Exports are pleased to present THEE...NESS. This collaborative event is to celebrate the launch of a limited edition scarf designed by Salvor and featuring artist Genesis Breyer P-Orridge. The event will take place on April 26th from 7 to 10 pm at the Salvor Projects NYC store at 172 Forsyth in the Lower East Side.  Guests will enjoy complimentary refreshments from Palm Beer and Perrier, as well as view Breyer P-Orridge’s artwork, on loan from Invisible Exports Gallery. P-Orridge and her Psychic TV band mate Morrison Edley will be performing rare DJ sets for the occasion and special edition gifts will be given to party goers.

Salvor Projects x Genesis P-Orridge - Limited Edition Scarf

I Don't Like Mondays x Genesis P-Orridge - Limited Edition Shirt


Chaos in Tejas 04/18/12

As many of you have come to know being unwilling subjects of my constant ramblings on this blog - in addition to making clothes for your bodies - I also make music for your ears. Both of my bands, Cross and King Dude are playing Chaos in Tejas this year and I couldn't be more excited. The line ups for both nights are all-killer and no-filler so I expect to see many of you there!

Click the posters below for tickets and more info.


Actual Pain Presents: Grave Babies "Fuck All Y'all" 04/16/12

Click the cover to download the tape...

Grave Babies are a band in the world, specifically my city and they are awesome. Not only are they known as Grave "Babies", I am also proud to call them my Grave "Buddies". Their latest EP just came out on Hardly Art who are also from our beautiful city and are very nice people who put out great records - indeed some of the best

Anyways, Danny made this classic rap mixtape for us like 4 months ago and we are just know getting it up. So if that gives you any idea of how backed up we are in the mixtape department and also how I treat my friends (sorry Danny).


Tracklist for FUCK ALL Y'ALL:

Bun B - Let em Know
Ill Bill - Out Life
Snoop Dogg - Murder Was The Case
Too Short - Cocktails
Cypris Hill - No Rest For The Wicked
Tha Dogg Pound - Dogg Pound Gangstas
Mr. Hyde - The Crazies
Geto Boys - My Mind's Playin Tricks On Me
Above The Law - Untouchable
Crucial Conflict - Scummy
TRU - Somebody's Watchin Me
Young Bleed - Offer U Can't Refuse
Bone Thugs N Harmony - Thuggish Ruggish Bone
Tupac - Bring The Pain
Twista - Adrenaline Rush


Brooklyn - Retard Strength 04/12/12


I'll be DJing at the Flat in Williamsburg tonight along with some of my favorite people in the city like this guy and this dude, and oh one of these guys over here from my all time favorite record label. I plan on buying everything I'm playing tonight from Heaven St so that should be great. Oh and we'll be somehow giving away some Actual Pain gift cards. It's free and you might get some free shit, so come out and dance with us!


King Dude - Wierd Wednesday 04/11/12

 NYC - I am coming to destroy you.


Seeing Red... 04/02/12

We just restocked the shop with some goods from this season - more on the way including Leggings - as well as the highly sought after I Am Magical in black and cream tees (and in never before seen tanks ). While we were at it we decided to bring out some new red crews. We've resurrected I Am Magical, Sympathy, and Pentangled in this hell-fire red and black colorway. Available in limited quantities and online only!



Actual Pain Presents: Tearist "Fuck Yr Mixtape" 03/28/12

Click the cover to download the tape...

Tearist just don't give a fuck... and that's why we fuck with them. The Lil' B track with Yasmine is "fucking" great. The "fucking" artwork was done by SHAMS and it "fucking" rules. And Yas if you're reading this we want Tearist to come play our "fucking" Second Sight night soon! FUCK YES.

Tracklist for FUCK YR MIXTAPE:

Strawberry Amazing - Miguel    
BAD GIRLS - Blood Orange    
We Can Go Down -  LIL B ft. Yasmine Kittles               
A Ganglion of Lightnings - KOOL A.D.    
Water  - The Sugarcubes    
The Things You Said - Depeche Mode   
One In A Million (Klaar remix) - Aaliyah      
Everybody Jones - Jim Jones            
Kälte Kriecht - Grauzone    
Big Empty Field (No.2) - Swell Maps    
Cookies & Apple Juice -  Cam'ron   
Make It Stack -  Lloyd Banks ft ASAP Rocky   
My Whole World's Coming Apart -  John Maus                  
Alone -  Colin Newman    
Thumb -  Dinosaur Jr


Pony Time // Lori + Judy 03/27/12

Emily just wrapped up this sick new video for Seattle based band Pony Time. Shot, edited and released in one day! 


Ouroborus Bracelet - Available Now 03/25/12

Introducing our newest piece of Jewelry, the Ouroborus Bracelet...

"The Ouroborus Bracelet is made of a malleable composite metal that allows you to open and close the snake at the mouth and tail in order to size to your wrist or arm to fit comfortably. The bracelet itself is 3 1/2" in diameter and 9" in circumference. The Ouroborus Bracelet was hand carved in wax by TJ Cowgill and cast locally using the lost wax casting method in Seattle, Washington."

Available now exclusively at Craft & Culture.


Actual Pain & Second Sight Presents: Psychic Circle 03/22/12


We are so stoked to present this awesome four day fest, the first annual Psychic Circle! Originally I started Second Sight a year ago with some friends to fill the void in Seattle for good underground DIY dance parties. A lot has happened in the past year! We switched venues, started to book national touring bands, and from the very first night we threw Seattle has been dancing their asses off.

So in order to commemorate our one year anniversary, we've gone ahead and booked four shows back to back at our favorite venues in town! And of course with some of our favorite bands in the world! Check it out!

Thursday May 10th - Day 1 -  Deth Book Release Party at Pony - We are publishing a new magazine called "Deth Book" edited by the very talented and strange Ozma Otacava. Come to Pony early to get a free copy, stay late and dance the night away with Braxton & Palmer, resident Second Sight DJ Rxch Wxtch and special guest, Actual Pain AKA your's truly.

Friday May 11th - Day 2 - Second Sight at Electric Tea Garden - w/ Light Asylum and Litanic Mask - I am sure you have heard Light Asylum, they had the record of the year last year and the new record is heavy and dark as fuck. Litanic Mask is one of our favorite bands from Portland and they'll open this very special Second Sight along with our three resident DJs Rxch Wxtch, Ozma Otacava, and Sh6rl6s6.

Saturday May 12th - Day 3 - Demdike Stare, Tropic Of Cancer, S4NTA_MU3RTE, A Story Of Rats, at the Black Lodge - Demdike Stare travel all the way from Manchester UK to bring you the nauseating pitched sounds that only they bring. This amazing duo is responsible for some of the most authentic horror scores available for films that are only in your nightmares. Demdike is on tour with LA's Tropic Of Cancer and their minimal synth dance sounds should be a nice precursor to the evenings terror. With A Story Of Rats, one of Seattle's best ambient drone duo SF weirdo music pioneer S4NTA_MU3RTE playing records throughout the night, this should prove to be the most eclectic show of the fest!

Sunday May 13th - Crypts, Nightmare Fortress, Ononos, Vox Mod, at IN Arts NW - Crypts may be much hated but they are also much loved. These boys have carved themselves a niche here in Seattle as being one of the loudest, rudest, crudest, electronic groups to smash guitars since the days of Cobain. Nightmare Fortress (Sweating Tapes) brings one of the best live shows I've seen replete with fog, lights and musicianship that doesn't need either fog or lights. Ononos are of course Seattle's answer to the early Waxtrax sound and we couldn't be happier about that. Finally, Vox Mod is an amazing dance outfit comprised of one of the most talented producers in town. We are stoked for this show!!!

Expect more updates soon! 

For more information on the venues, door prices and the bands go to the Second Sight FB Page


Actual Pain Presents: Desir, Desire - A Mixtape By: Ensemble Economique & Peite Danseuse 03/16/12

Click the cover to download the tape...

Recently I had the pleasure to play a show with Ensemble Economique here in Seattle and suffice to say, we became fast friends. So it makes total sense for EE to compile this sick tape with the help of his current muse Petite Danseuse from Russia. 


Ensemble Economique & Petite Danseuse: Désir, Desire

Track listing:

1. Mellow Grave, Melatonin
2. Unison, Outside
3. Past Desires, Heathers
4. Jesse Ruins, Shatter The Jewel
5. Ghost Animal, In Your Room (Golden Axe remix)
6. Mellow Grave, Wood Grain
7. Purple, I Will Never See You Again
8. Boy Friend, Egyptian Wrinkle
9. Prince Rama, Golden Silence
10. Hybryds, La Première et La Dernière
11. Happy New Year, Winter Sun
12. Psychic Ills, Mantis

Check out more from EE below:
And here are links to PD:


Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum // Book Release // Ouroboros Press 03/13/12


This Saturday the good folks over at Ouroboros Press are releasing their latest book Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum by Elias Ashmole and have been kind enough to ask King Dude (aka me) to perform a solo acoustic set. 

Here is a bit more about the book from Ouroborus Press: 

The Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum is an important collection of English Alchemical poetry compiled by Elias Ashmole in 1652. Gathering together many manuscripts previously unpublished, Ashmole made extensive and centuries-spanning alchemical knowledge available to English readers. The Ouroboros Press edition has been four years in the making and has included the work of many hands in order to manifest a new corrected edition based on Ashmole’s original errata materials. The type has been completely re-set in a beautifully designed text while still holding to the sensibilities of a renaissance aesthetic. Ouroboros Press director William Kiesel will give a brief talk about Elias Ashmole’s alchemical classic and discuss its relevance in book arts, literary, and historical contexts.

Copies of the new book will be available for sale and one copy of the Golden Chain of Homer broadside will be given gratis to people who purchase the book at the launch.

I hope to see you all there!

Seattle: Saturday 17 March // 7:30 pm // Art Space Hiawatha Lofts

Oh and check out the Esoteric Book Conference, also organized with the help of Ouroboros Press, among others. I will be playing there in September as well!


King Dude // N|GHTCH|LDE // BRUXA // Z BARON - TONIGHT! 03/08/12


I'm blessed to get to play a show with my very good friend N|GHTCH|LDE (from SLOW MOTION LA) tonight in Portland at the Tube. Hope to see you there as well!

And don't forget, N|GHTCH|LDE will be here tomorrow night for Second Sight. Get in the CAVE Seattle.


Actual Pain // Sympathy For The Devil // Spring Online Now! 02/29/12

Spring is here. Go get it... 

Thanks to Danae and Rio for modeling this season and if you like the song it's called "Bloody Mary" by Perpetual Ritual, you should go buy a tape from him or go see his band play. They rule.


COLD CAVE Pictures From Second Sight // N|GHTCH|LDE 02/15/12

All photos shot by Emily Denton with a vintage Nikon 35mm.

It was a hell of a party! Thanks to Cold Cave for playing! Thanks to Chris for doing lights! Thanks to Alice for doing sound! Thanks to Seattle for coming out an dancing the night away! You guys all make it a better city for us to live in, thank you. 

See you next month for N|GHTCH|LDE resident DJ from LA's best dance night Slow Motion (formally Killing Spree). Don't sleep on this one! Check out his mixtape he made for us last year, it's one of our all time favorites!

Click the pic to download...



The Milan Review Book Premiere 02/09/12

I will be hosting the release of the latest issue of The Milan Review next Saturday February 18th at The Richard Hugo House

This is the second issue of The Milan Review and it features 224 color pages inside a dark blue cover. Divided in twelve chapters, each named after a sign of the zodiac, each containing a short story and a portfolio by a different artist. The artists and the authors were paired arbitrarily. I got Gemini. 

The writers: Iphgenia Baal, Amie Barrodale, Chiara Barzini, Blake Butler, Matthias “Wolfboy” Connor, Seth Fried, Amelia Gray, Shane Jones, Robert Lopez, Clancy Martin, Francesco Pacifico, Lynne Tillman.

The artists: Massimiliano Bomba, Carola Bonfili, Milano Chow, TJ Cowgill, Joe DeNardo, Francesco de Figueiredo, Roope Eronen, Frédéric Fleury, Christy Karacas, Taylor McKimens, Brenna Murphy, Toony Navok.

I will be showing the original drawings I did for the book but more importantly the very funny and talented author Amie Barrodale will do a reading. You don't want to miss this, we will have copies of the book for sale and there's a bar so if you buy the book and say nice things to me and Amie I will probably buy you a drink.

See you there!



Music Videos We Love Right Now. 01/25/12





Dylan Neuwirth - The Conversation 01/20/12

Dylan Neuwirth is a Seattle based artist who you should probably know about. He recently did a solo show at Punch Gallery called the Conversation, where he weaved his own style of chaotic multimedia into a highly conceptiualized opening. I love the glass and 24 karat gold skull, it's incredible. Check out the full show here on his tumblr and more work from him and other artists at Punch Gallery.


Pictureplane Friday the 13th at Second Sight 01/12/12


Get ready to get Post Physical tomorrow night with Pictureplane at Second Sight!

And we put up some COLD CAVE presell tickets online. They are selling super fast so don't wait! Go now and get em'!


Actual Pain Presents: Cold Cave Performing Live at Second Sight 01/09/12


This is gonna be awesome! And don't forget we have Pictureplane this Friday! Be there for both!


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