Actual Pain Presents: Tearist "Fuck Yr Mixtape" 03/28/12

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Tearist just don't give a fuck... and that's why we fuck with them. The Lil' B track with Yasmine is "fucking" great. The "fucking" artwork was done by SHAMS and it "fucking" rules. And Yas if you're reading this we want Tearist to come play our "fucking" Second Sight night soon! FUCK YES.

Tracklist for FUCK YR MIXTAPE:

Strawberry Amazing - Miguel    
BAD GIRLS - Blood Orange    
We Can Go Down -  LIL B ft. Yasmine Kittles               
A Ganglion of Lightnings - KOOL A.D.    
Water  - The Sugarcubes    
The Things You Said - Depeche Mode   
One In A Million (Klaar remix) - Aaliyah      
Everybody Jones - Jim Jones            
K√§lte Kriecht - Grauzone    
Big Empty Field (No.2) - Swell Maps    
Cookies & Apple Juice -  Cam'ron   
Make It Stack -  Lloyd Banks ft ASAP Rocky   
My Whole World's Coming Apart -  John Maus                  
Alone -  Colin Newman    
Thumb -  Dinosaur Jr

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