The Milan Review Book Premiere 02/09/12

I will be hosting the release of the latest issue of The Milan Review next Saturday February 18th at The Richard Hugo House

This is the second issue of The Milan Review and it features 224 color pages inside a dark blue cover. Divided in twelve chapters, each named after a sign of the zodiac, each containing a short story and a portfolio by a different artist. The artists and the authors were paired arbitrarily. I got Gemini. 

The writers: Iphgenia Baal, Amie Barrodale, Chiara Barzini, Blake Butler, Matthias “Wolfboy” Connor, Seth Fried, Amelia Gray, Shane Jones, Robert Lopez, Clancy Martin, Francesco Pacifico, Lynne Tillman.

The artists: Massimiliano Bomba, Carola Bonfili, Milano Chow, TJ Cowgill, Joe DeNardo, Francesco de Figueiredo, Roope Eronen, Frédéric Fleury, Christy Karacas, Taylor McKimens, Brenna Murphy, Toony Navok.

I will be showing the original drawings I did for the book but more importantly the very funny and talented author Amie Barrodale will do a reading. You don't want to miss this, we will have copies of the book for sale and there's a bar so if you buy the book and say nice things to me and Amie I will probably buy you a drink.

See you there!

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