Mark Mitchell: Burial 09/20/13

Mark Mitchell. Burial Ensemble, Davora, 2013. Silk gauze, silk crepe, wool, wood. Photos: Kelly O.

Tonight the Frye Art Museum is opening it's doors for the reception of the new exhibition by Mark Mitchell entitled "Burial".  Mitchell, a long time peer in the clothing industry (we used to sling drinks at the same bar as well) here in Seattle has recently discovered a new passion within his craft, namely by creating the clothes you'd wear to that final send off, your very own funeral.  Read what the Frye has to say about this morbidly beautiful artform below:

Addressing ceremony and tribute, transformation and release, Mark Mitchell: Burial will present ensembles to clothe the dead. Buried in the earth, incinerated, or at the bottom of the sea, these vestments are intended to degrade readily, leaving nothing behind. Each was inspired by, and created for, the nine muse/models who will present the collection in a live performance on September 20. This will be followed by an exhibition of the ensembles September 21–October 20.

And check out this great documentary about Mitchell below:

The reception is tonight, don't miss out on this!

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