Killing Joke "The Singles Collection 1979-2012" 04/23/13


We are proud to present Killing Joke next Tuesday April 30th at Neumos here in Seattle. It sounds like from the name of the tour, The Singles Collection 1979-2012, Killing Joke are planning on sticking to the hits... Tickets are almost sold out though, so don't wait, go get your's now. Here's the official tour press release:

It’s been a long adventure for Killing Joke since their conception in 1979. Since then, the band has gone through numerous internal conflicts and line up changes, the only two constant members being Jaz Coleman (vocals, keyboards and arrangements) and Geordie Walker (guitar). Last year, all founder members were finally reunited. Until meeting at the funeral of Paul Raven, former bassist for Killing Joke as well as Ministry and Prong, Jaz Coleman and Paul Ferguson (drums) had not spoken for nearly 20 years. Their reconciliation meant plans were hatched for a new album as well as for a worldwide tour which kicked off in Tokyo last September. The tour saw the foursome delivering critically acclaimed performances at sold out shows to loyal fans and new devotees alike. Notorious for their use of inflammatory imagery, a backlash against a world they perceived as ever more materialistic, unjust and conservative, Killing Joke, railed against the establishment and created a unique sound from their very conception.

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