WINTER SALE / open house 11/24/08

Luxe Riot Screen Print Studio cordially invites you to come down to the Luxe Riot Show Room.

December 6th and 7th from 11AM-6PM.

There will be several apparel brands including Manik Skateboards, Goods Boutique, Sam Trout, Prairie Underground, Shipwreck Design, Pillow Fight, Flying Coffin, Actual Pain, Jeepney, Puckish, and Jamie Jester.

They will have a large selection of blank tee shirts for sale and several different screens set up if you’d like to see your tee shirt printed right before your eyes.

Coffee will be provided by Caffe Vita.

Located at the top of the Wallingford Steps, there will be ample parking at Gas Works. We encourage you to bring friends and family! Dogs welcome.

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