Recently, we got to chat with Steve Kay, President of Krudmart, a clothing shop in Buffalo NY. Krudmart is one of the few places to get Actual Pain online so we thought it might be good to let you know a little about them and what they do. Founded in 2002, they’ve helped to cultivate a little culture in upstate NY, and in 2009 they plan to revamp the webshop while simultaniously launch their own clothing brand with collabs with some of our favorite artists. Look out world, here comes Krudmart.

ACTUAL PAIN: What kind of people do you see in the shop on a daily basis, do you have diehard regulars? Also does anyone stalk the Krudmart, like crackheads or insane collector people?

STEVE KAY: The store has halfway houses on either side. Basically the government pays half these people’s rent so long as they hold down a job or whatever. The landlord is a really cool guy and actually has most of them just doing maintenance work on the building so they’re always milling about. The one guy has a real attachment to the power washer. He hoses down the sidewalk at least once a week. He even hit my car up one day. Not sure if you’re supposed to power wash a car but fuck it, it’s a lease. Other than that we do have our regulars that are in once a week. We know now to set aside their sizes and let them have first crack. Also our retail manager Erin has quite the gaggle of suitors coming in to try to get her to go on a date on a regular basis.

AP: Besides Actual Pain, what are some of your favorite things that you are selling? Anything new coming that we should be stoked about?

SK: First off, I gotta say I really am psyched on Actual Pain. The unique aesthetic and hand illustrated take on things is really a breath of fresh air from all this streamline vectored sports/rap shit that makes me want to hate two of my favorite things. Aside from that, Fuct has to be my number one favorite brand. I hate to pick favorites but we came up around the same time they were re-launching and it’s been a very symbiotic relationship. It also bears mentioning that Brunetti virtually invented this whole industry. Some other personal favorites are Benny Gold, The Hundreds, Reason (those kids are doing a GREAT job of transforming into a high-end garment brand) and your boy Jason at Flying Coffin.

AP: We listen to a good mix of music here at the AP office, what’s currently on your playlist? Anything spectacular or strange?

SK: Right now I’m listening to the newest Krudmart Mixtape by my friend Jess who dj’s by the name Jubilee. Some how I got really into house and electro in the past year. I blame it on Jed (official human Krudmart mascott). On the flip side of the coin I’ve also recently gotten heavily into late 80’s early 90’s indie rock like Suede, the Sundays and Pulp. Also, fuck what you heard.. Ron Browz is the future.

AP: What do people do in Buffalo to party? I’ve never been there and am planning on partying there at some point in my life so it would be good to know what’s what about Buffalo.

SK: I’ve recently declared myself the King of Buffalo and no one’s really stepped up to challenge me for the crown so I feel fully qualified to field this question. Everyone here is an alcoholic and a lot of people do drugs. It’s just so abysmal. The winters are long. The jobs suck.. there just isn’t much to do. That said, I’m carving out a bit of a niche. I’ve resurrected my DJ career and I can say, all modesty aside, that I throw some sick parties. We just had our 2nd anniversary gala at the store and people were talking about it for weeks. Basically, if you want to have fun in Buffalo, get at me.

Left to right: Erin – Retail Manager, Steve Kay – President, Jed – Creative Consultant/Human Inspirado, Jonny – Customer Service/Marketing Director


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