King Dude - European Tour 08/17/11

So most of you know by now that in addition to creating clothes for Actual Pain I also play music. I am King Dude, as well as in Cross and Book of Black Earth. I have been playing music for years and to go to Europe to play has been a lifelong dream of mine. Now it's finally coming true. If you are in any of these cities and would like to come out please do, we will have a drink and you should show us around.

Emily and I are most interested in your country's weird cigarettes and candy so those types of gifts are highly encouraged! Or at the very least, you could point us in the direction of where to purchase them. I also am going to that skull church in Prague for sure, are you kidding? I'm gonna try and take one of those skulls home with me, who'd notice? There's literally like, a million fucking skulls up in there. Also I'd like to see some regular churches too. And eat some weird food. Overall just hang out so we'll see you over there!

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