Second Sight the Second Friday Night of July... 06/21/11


Hey everyone, thanks for taking advantage of our 40% off sale! We can't express how grateful we are to our customers, you guys keep the Actual Pain machine going strong!

Anyways, we are going to start throwing a monthly party every second Friday of the month called Second Sight. The first one is on Friday July 8th. The idea is that together, we can foster a place for the friends and family of Actual Pain to get together and dance but also a way for all the people in this town to come out and celebrate our city, our common and not-so-common threads, and a lot of exciting music that's happening not only in this town and the rest of the world.

The venue is Black Lodge, a great DIY all ages venue located at the bottom of Capitol Hill. The music will be a lot of different dark dance music and, eventually, we will feature bands that will also get a chance to guest DJ along side us.

To me Second Sight is an extension of our mixtape page, and I plan on working very hard to showcase some of the best underground music (past and present) from around the world. Who knows? With your support, Second Sight could become the night to play for artists not only locally, but from all across the globe.

Thanks again, to you, for showing the world Seattle is still a thriving artistic place to call home! Without your support this would all be impossible!

Oh and if your a band, DJ, or label person and are interested in playing our party hit me up at info@actualpain.org with Second Sight in the subject line and I will attempt to make it happen.

Thanks! - TJ

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