SOFT KILL // From This Point On 03/18/11


SOFT KILL is the Southern California (soon to be PDX) based band that is fronted by Tobi (formally of Blessure Grave). After what seems like a rollercoster of year for Tobi (He moved to a new city, met a nice girl by the name of Shiloe, fell in love got her name tattooed on his neck, married her and more or less started two bands with her, what a romantic.) he has emerged from it all with a really fun and almost happy (gasp) sounding band and new album, "An Open Door" out now on FAST WEAPONS. Tobi says of his new project, 

SOFT KILL is my first song writing collaboration ever. I'm not carrying all the weight and the project isn't identified as just me. I'm not opposed to "doing all the work" so to speak, but the fact that I can naturally be on the same wave length as another person is refreshing.

Musically, it reminds me of what I love about the Cure but that should seem fairly obvious. What isn't obvious is how fucking good they are live. I was reeeally sick last week, had a fever, cough, the works, and I still managed to go see them play at Pony down the street with Dangerous Boys Club. After a few shots, I came out of my flu haze in time to see them play a great set and I went home with one of my new favorite records. Which I will be spinning at L O V E T O N E this Saturday night.

Nice to see good things happening for you Tobi... 

Video by CRCK HEAD.

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