Anthem QA with Pendu, Killing Spree, and Disaro 03/11/11

Check out this interview in Anthem with four of my favorite people on Earth as they discuss the movement known as Witch House.

Q&A with Killing Spree, DISARO, and Pendu Recordings // Text: Jordana Sheara // Photographers: Jordana Sheara 
Pictured above, BLKRAINBW, Todd Pendu, Robert Disaro, Zane Landreth

The most current love child of electronic music is a genre based on a dark aesthetic commonly referred to as “witch house.” It’s influences run across a wide spectrum of music, from hip hop to industrial. While its not easily definable, the common thread seems that these artists are on a mission to do things their own way, and they aren’t taking no for an answer. They have created a subculture that encompasses all realms of this aesthetic and at the forefront, we find the record labels Pendu Sound Recordings and DISARO Records. For the first time, Anthem got DJs Zane Landreth, BLKRAINBW, and Disaro from Killing Spree, L.A.’s best representation of this new genre, to sit down with New York’s Todd Pendu of Pendu NYC to dissect this cultural phenomenon of all things dark.

How did you each get your start, and do you feel about the term “witch house” as a label for this genre?

Todd Pendu: The New York scene got started with the Pendu Disco that I started over there in Jan 2010, where I did a show with Salem and Gatekeeper...


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