K-Holes Are a Fuck Music Type of Band 02/23/11


There's something about K-Holes music that inspires a primal sex urge in your pants. It could be all the smoking hot babes in the band (yes I am talking about the girls but I am also talking about the dudes), or the fact that they have a saxophone player, but what I really think what makes them make you want to get freaky is their swagger.

They remind me of that band that plays at the Roadhouse during that awesome topless Donna scene in Fire Walk With Me. You know what I'm talking about. When Jacque Renault says to Laura and her slutty friend, "Hey it's my favorite high school sandwich, let's put some meat inside".

Yeah it's like that. A sex sandwich. Anyways Emily Denton (my wife) made this beautifully fucked up video for them. Enjoy! Oh and their new record's out on Hozac Records and you should buy it and find someone to lay down with immediately.

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