Actual Pain Presents: "I Make My Own Luck" - A Mixtape by Noel Sinclair Boyt 02/21/11

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Sometimes I wonder, "What went wrong with people? They are into such horrible fucked up shit their must be something wrong with them." Well in Noel Sinclair Boyt's case, I often wonder, "What went right with this one person? Why can't more people try and be like Noel?".

NSB did a stint with us as a design intern last summer and has done some really great work for other clothing brands in the past like Comune and Manik. Now NSB has left for art school in Portlandia and even thought he may not be illustrating as much for us, he can still send up mixtapes. This one is especially good for fans of heavy metal, I know, we haven't done one in awhile...

And sorry the mixtape cover is so gross, NSB made it himself, and usually I think this kind of shit is tasteless and disgusting but when NSB does it all I see are unicorns and princesses.

1. "Pillars Of Mercy" by ABSU
2. "In Eternal Dark" by Bone Awl
3. "Serpents Of The Light" by Deicide 
4. "Bite It You Scum" by GG Allin
5. "The Family Ghost" by King Diamond 
6. "Don't Tread On Me" by Cro-Mags
7. "Evisc" by VON
8. "Let The Day Begin" by Samhain 
9. "Hammer Smashed Face" by Cannibal Corpse 
10. "Han Som Reiste" by Burzum

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