The Evil Dead Tonight 02/06/10

So stoked for this midnight movie.

I’ll never forget when I met Bruce Campbell at the King Dome for a Q13 kid’s fair when I was 12. He was in town doing a signing to promote his new Fox TV show Brisco County Jr, and everyone there good give a rat’s ass. There were dorks galore, with paper mache chainsaws chanting, “Ash!”, over and over again to a B movie actor in a cowboy costume, on a makeshift riser, in the King Dome, surrounded by 12 and 30 year old virgins, and carnival rides. My Mom gave me and my friend Charlie a ride there, and she waited in line with us for an hour or so (thanks mom!). It was getting late and Bruce Campbell’s manager announced to all the ravenous nerds that he would stay to the end and sign all the autographs. “Ash! Ash! Ash!”

We finally climbed the steps onto the five foot riser where Bruce Campbell sat at a folding table, dressed as cowboy, signing autographs on a stack of glossy 8 X 10s of him and a horse. Nervously, I waited as my Mom got an autograph then my friend Charlie, then I go to get my ad for “Army of Darkness” torn from a Marvel Comic autographed when I hear a loud crash and scream from the side of the stage, my mom had stumbled and fell backwards onto the ground.

Bruce Campbell raced over and helped her up along with his manager who had been talking to some other official looking people my mother was now lying next to. I was mortified. Beyond embarrassed. By the time we got to the parking lot it was hilarious and has been ever since.

Tonight at midnight at the Egyptian: THE EVIL DEAD

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