AMORT 10/30/09

Amort is a one man band from Seattle, fronted on all sides by Tobias Burch. He also plays in the Loathsome Couple. I met him awhile ago at The Winner’s Circle but had no idea that he was the same dude that did Amort. Small world! Tobias stopped by the Actual Pain headquarters the other day to drop off his new record titled “winter tales” out now on Kreation Records. Here’s what he had to say:

ACTUAL PAIN: After only releasing tapes for so long, is weird to put out something on vinyl?
TOBIAS BURCH: It feels great. I released tapes because that’s what I could afford, but I feel very grateful that someone would take the time and money to do an LP of my music.

I really like your artwork on all your releases. Where do you find the source images?
Most of the images are from old books. Both front and back of the LP are old anatomy illustrations.
Visually, and musically, I’m inspired by the time just before the industrial revolution. Right as we were unwrapping the gift that was to be our doom. A time when it took years to travel across the country. So I try to use images that evoke that era.

You seem like a jolly fellow. Would you describe your self as a happy person? Or does all this doom ever just bring you down?
I’m very jolly. I’m not sure I would say happy though. I love to have a good time, but the reality is the world is a very negative place. Here in the NW we live comfortably, but our comfort is constantly teetering on the brink. That dosen’t bother me though, I accept it.

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