Here we go starting trends... Again 07/10/09

This rules, Fenriz just did a tape for Vice magazine inspired by our tape! Go get it it rules! From Fenrico himeself:

I started the comp by thinking of some acts that should definitely be on there. Then I mulled it over for a week. I then sat down to structure it, and I had several darlings to kill and new ones to include. I am not making a ONE STYLE comp here, like ‘occult thrash’ or something. I chose numbers mostly from bands that are/were old and rough and soulfully sounding, but thrash is one of the most intense genres, so it sort of HAS TO be varied WHEN I MAKE 78+ minutes here! I was thinking of dropping three of the songs to make it more like a hit parade, but one needs some ups and downs in life, ha ha. Better to leave the mix untampered with. So it is sort of a whole labyrinth of songs, a world to get lost in. I also start with two tracks that have a really underground sound, so I will lose all posers that try to listen to the mix.



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