I'm gonna nerd out! 05/19/09

Until The Light Takes Us is showing at NW Film Forum and both directors will be there…

“This extraordinary documentary chronicles black metal: an ideological movement and music genre comprised of metal musicians, murderers, church-burners and suicide victims. The film examines the birth and explosive arc of black metal through the eyes of the scene’s leaders, who tried to change the world using music and symbolic acts of violence.

Three men lead the scene: one is dead, one’s in jail for killing him and inciting a wave of church arson, and one continues to release albums in the genre they created. The musicians blur the line between music, art, activism and terror, and successful visual artists (including Harmony Korine, who makes a cameo) are now recontextualizing it as contemporary art in galleries and museums around the world. Part art movement, part terrorist movement and part rock scene, Until the Light Takes Us tells a story unlike any other.”

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